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Sealed Bid Auction 1930 Cleveland Ave., Eau Claire, WI

Currently vacant, 70,928 sq. ft., 5-story masonry,
former Mt. Washington Residence Independent
and Assisted Living Facility on approx. 10 Acres
Previously Valued well above $2,000,000
Suggested Opening Bid: $175,000
On-site Inspections:
11am to 1pm, November 28 & December 7, 2017
Sealed Bid Deadline: December 14, 2017


Upcoming Auctions

Online Auction By Order of ATF -Tobacco Products and Assorted OTP

Auction December 12, 2017, 134 Pallets
(61 in Los Angeles Area and 73 in Las Vegas Area)
Seized Tobacco Products with a Multi-Million Dollar
Retail Value Consisting of Swisher Sweets Cigarillos,
Bugler Pipe Tobacco, Jester Pipe Tobacco,
Game Leaf Cigars, White Owl, Dutch Master Cigars,
Backwoods Cigars, Garcia Vega Cigars,
Smokers Pride Pipe Tobacco, Clipper Cigarillos, Racer Cigars,
Redman Chewing Tobacco, Royal Blunt Wraps and Much More!
Preview Date & Time: 10am - 2 pm
December 4, Los Angeles Area
December 5, Las Vegas Area


Upcoming Sealed Bid Auction

2900 N. Central, Chicago
Deadline December 14 | Sealed Bid Auction

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2015 | Online

2008 Maserati Quattroporte

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2005 HAAS Mini Mil CNC Machine
2015 | Online

Online Auction Opens April 21, 2015

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